Accelerate Leadership 2023

Accelerate Leadership is a 12-month development program supporting emerging leaders in your local church as they grow according to God’s call on their life. It includes,

  • Accelerated discipleship to shape a personalised leadership pathway.
  • Coaching tools for local ministers to develop essential skills in the Intern.
  • Networked training events to complement other development pathways.
  • Progress toward formal ministry endorsement where required.
  • Financial support available for those working in CCVT-affiliated churches or agencies.

The Accelerate program will assist CCVT churches and agencies to develop leaders for diverse ministry opportunities: specialised church-based contexts; parachurch ministries; endorsed ministry with the Churches of Christ; or serving within a unique marketplace vocation. Whatever the individual call on a person’s life, Accelerate Leadership offers access to experienced leaders to shape effective ministry. And with funding support available, CCVT is ready to assist you!

In 2023, we have two options available, Lead You for those serving on teams who desire to grow as a disciple of Jesus, to be equipped and released to participate in ministry and mission according to giftedness and capacity. Lead Others is for those already leading teams and want to be further equipped and mobilised as a shaper of culture, mission and strategy. 

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