Minister Health

Part of CCVT’s mission is, “To develop and implement strategies and processes needed to sustain and support healthy Ministers and leaders, and to provide and/or facilitate support and care.”

As a result of these intentions we seek to make available a number of resources such as…

  • General care
  • Peer support
  • A professional development process
  • Social activities
  • Exit interview process

Staying Healthy In Ministry

As Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania we are together committed to ensuring that our churches are safe places for all people, where each person can truly and safely experience a community of hope and compassion, as stated in Affinity.

Abuse in the church is the most significant blocker to belief for non-Christians who are ‘open to change’ according to research commissioned by Olive Tree and conducted by McCrindle Research. The Australian Communities Report indicated that 76% of respondents found abuse in the church to be a major or significant negative influence on their perception of Christianity and the church. We know that there is a significant amount of distrust of ministers and churches, yet by its very nature ministry necessitates relationships in which trust is foundational. People in Ministry have a particular expectation to be aware of and take responsibility for issues of power and boundaries in all of their relationships.

By setting out and understanding healthy guidelines we can seek to better safeguard not only ourselves but also our communities, including the most vulnerable and disempowered. By understanding the dynamics of power and boundaries we can be better equipped to minister wisely and safely. 

All Ministers are expected to have participated in a Healthy Ministry Seminar to ensure issues of power and boundaries are clearly understood and healthy ministry practices are being engaged consistent with the expectations outlined in the Code of Ethics. Attendance is also a requirement of our endorsement and marriage licence processes. This is a cooperative seminar with the Baptist Union Victoria.

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