Propel is a 12 month leadership development program planted in the local church with the intention of helping emerging leaders develop healthy practices and articulate God’s call on their life.

What sits at the core of CCVT’s leadership development is a passion to see local churches and agencies thrive. CCVT believes that leadership and emerging leaders shape the future of the Church.

CCVT knows that we could do better at building Communities of Hope and Compassion and developing the Leaders required to lead them, therefore we endeavour to resource and encourage local churches and agencies to seek out possible leaders; people who can learn to lead others. This program is an investment into local churches and agencies, the individual, and the future Church. Through this program CCVT aims to serve the local Church by:

  • creating multiple avenues for leadership development within CCVT,
  • encouraging local churches and agencies in recruiting emerging leaders,
  • creating pathways into leadership within the Churches of Christ movement,
  • providing flexible learning options that allow participants to schedule their own learning,
  • offering accessible training for regional participants (e.g. online learning options)

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For more information, please contact the CCVT Leadership Functional Area team at or on (03) 9488 8800.