Re-Formation a 12 month leadership development program run by CCVT, engaging leaders who have been ‘anxious’ or ‘discontented’ with the way things are but are ready to engage in intentional and innovative conversations about Christ, his mission and his Church. This program invites applications from all Church of Christ communities in Australia.

Participants will begin Re-Formation by reviewing their own Christian faith journey, ministry experiences, and call to ministry. They are open in heart, mind, and soul to re-encountering the Christ they have known and served. At the end of the program it is our prayer and hope that each participant will have developed a ministry plan for a new, renewed, or re‑imagined ministry of the Gospel in the context of 21st Century Australia.

A major part of Re-Formation will take participants to see first-hand where the Church is flourishing in Asia. There participants will meet church planters, equippers, leaders of churches of all sizes, missionaries, national leaders of movements, and missional innovators. We shall wrestle with the question, “What is God up to in Australia?”

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