CCVT's goal is to Build Communities of Hope and Compassion and develop Leaders to lead them. As such, a number of key development indicators have been identified to guide CCVT's efforts in this area.

Developing Leaders will be demonstrated by Leaders that intentionally:
  • Develop, lead and communicate a compelling vision of a 21st Century Community of Hope and Compassion.
  • Lead a Community’s conversation from a ‘church’ conversation to a mission conversation.
  • Lead a Community into becoming an ‘order of local missionaries’, and equipping all to guide others into a transformational faith experience.
  • Celebrate lifelong learning, nurturing and deepening faith through modelling and leading spiritual formation for all Community participants.
  • Plan, participate in and lead worship experiences that engage the head and heart in culturally relevant ways.
  • Identify, release, develop and support emerging leaders; encouraging all people in a Community—younger and older, women and men—to discover and use their gifts, shaped by the five-fold ministry pattern of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist and Pastor/Teacher in Ephesians 4.
  • Discern where God might be nudging a Community to be releasing and nurturing new Communities.
  • Build, inspire and lead a staff or volunteer team.
  • Embrace change with discernment; knowing how to interpret and lead change, by anticipating, managing and using conflict for personal and Community growth.
  • Understand the need for healthy and safe ministry, maintaining personal, professional and spiritual balance and standards.