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National Church Life Survey (NCLS)

Zanyta Woodward  |  8/09/2021 9:26:18 AM

Churches of Christ are participating in the National Church Life Survey in 2021. This survey happens every five years and is the largest and longest running survey of its type in the world.


GMP's Afghanistan Emergency Appeal

Zanyta Woodward  |  26/08/2021 2:00:21 PM

In response to the situation in Afghanistan, GMP are partnering with Action by Churches Together (ACT) Alliance to help provide accommodation and supplies to people who have been forced to flee. 


CareWorks and Strategic Grants

Zanyta Woodward  |  10/08/2021 2:53:08 PM

Is your church or agency taking advantage of philanthropic grants to financially support your community program?


Fresh Hope's Flood Appeal

Zanyta Woodward  |  20/04/2021 10:30:05 AM

Let’s come together to support the recovery of communities affected by the devastating floods in NSW. If you would like to donate, please find attached Fresh Hope’s Flood Appeal.


2021-2025 Strategic Plan

Zanyta Woodward  |  20/01/2021 3:58:21 PM

View the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan


Growing and Sustaining Healthy Communities


News Release: COVID-19 Financial Relief for CCVT Affiliates

Zanyta Woodward  |  5/08/2020 3:51:12 PM

A framework for CCVT assistance with the associated financial hardship resulting from COVID-19 is now available to CCVT-affiliated churches and agencies.


Vic/Tas Bushfires

Zanyta Woodward  |  8/01/2020 11:08:05 AM

Thank you for your care and concern for those in Victoria and Tasmania that have been impacted by bushfires. If you would like to provide support, read more for details of where you can give.


VIT Registered Teachers and the Working With Children Check in Victoria

Mitchell Salmon  |  20/09/2019 9:27:55 AM

In September 2019 the Victorian Government and the VIT introduced a new requirement whereby people holding VIT registration must also link their VIT registration number to organisations outside of their employment where they work with children, eg. churches and youth groups. If a teacher’s registration is suspended or cancelled, WWCCV will notify the organisations where the teacher does child-related work (other than their teaching) that the teacher is no longer exempt from holding a WWCC.


Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse by People in Religious Ministry

Mitchell Salmon  |  20/09/2019 9:22:05 AM

Under the Children, Youth and Families Act, people in religious ministries are now mandatory reporters of child abuse to Child Protection Services. Mandatory reporting refers to the legal requirement for nominated groups to report a reasonable belief of physical or sexual child abuse to authorities.


Single Touch Payroll

Mitchell Salmon  |  31/05/2019 11:55:24 AM

From July 1, 2019, all employers in Australia have to start transitioning to meet new requirements of reporting to the Australian Tax Office (ATO). All employers will be required to use Single Touch Payroll (STP) to report tax and super information to the ATO. The ATO has options to make this simpler for those with only 1-4 employees.


Resources for the Employment of Ministers

Mitchell Salmon  |  31/05/2019 11:54:13 AM

We are pleased to distribute new resource documents designed to help your Community of Hope and Compassion maintain its commitment to being an excellent employer for people in ministry.


2019 Recommended Minimum Remuneration Package For People In Ministry

Mitchell Salmon  |  31/05/2019 11:51:01 AM

The Recommended Minimum Remuneration Package For People In Ministry document has been updated for 2019. This document is set to take effect on July 1, 2019.


Agency Profile: Friends of Dismas

Mitchell Salmon  |  4/04/2016 10:08:22 AM

“But God shows his love for us in that while we were still Sinners, Christ Died for us.” (Romans 5:8, ESV)

‘Dismas’ is the traditional name of the repentant thief mentioned in Luke 23: 40-43. What does Friends of Dismas stand for?

Friends of Dismas is a church for parolees, ex-prisoners, and their family and friends.

Early in 2012 several folks were reflecting on the need for supporting people who were leaving prison. We spent time with people who were interested in meeting this need within Churches of Christ, the Baptist Church, and Prison Fellowship Victoria. Prison Fellowship volunteers visit over 400 prisoners face to face each month.