Property FAQs

As Trustee of Churches of Christ properties, we require all legal documentation to be prepared by CCVT lawyers on your behalf. We are happy to work alongside your community, respecting your in-house expertise and experience.

CCVT has a team of legal professionals that will assist your church to make informed decisions. As Trustee of your church title we require our lawyers review and advise on all property related contracts to ensure the best interest of your church is served. 

Competitive, low interest rate loans to Churches of Christ are available through Churches of Christ Financial Services

Hire and Licence Agreements are designed for your community’s benefit and protection. In an increasing culture of litigation, it is essential to formalise any agreement entered into and ensure that adequate insurance is provided.

It is a legal requirement to ensure that certain aspects of your Redbook, such as your building essential safety measures, are always up to date. You may be obligated to show your Redbook to local government bodies to ensure your compliance. In addition to the regulatory requirements, churches should practice good stewardship in the wider community.

CCVT is the Trustee for Churches of Christ properties. As holder of the titles and deeds of our churches, we advise on property transactions and assist you in preparing all legal documentation.

CCVT can offer years of experience in assisting your community with mission based strategies and property solutions. Whether you are considering major redevelopment, land purchase, subdivision of land or commercial licences and agreements, we can offer advice from our team of property professionals and conduct transactions on your behalf.