Property Management

Many Communities of Hope and Compassion see property as an integral part of mission in their neighbourhood.

CCVT partners with communities during the life cycle of their community property, from planning, the purchase, and development of land through to building programs, redevelopment, property sale and relocation.

As Trustee of Churches of Christ properties, Prop Corp provides communities with an end-to-end solution for all property needs.

CCVT has access to property professionals including lawyers, real estate agents, other property consultants, and experts who understand and appreciate the complexities of church property assets.

CCVT can assist communities with:

  • Financial advice
  • Property sales and purchases including appraisals, marketing, conveyancing, and negotiating contracts
  • Building developments, upgrades, alterations, and demolitions
  • Building maintenance and structural damage
  • Land subdivision
  • Lease, licence and hire agreements
  • Heritage overlays and listings
  • Planning and building permits

Contact the CCVT Communities Team who can, in partnership with the Operations Team, provide support and advice tailored for individual communities.