State Youth Games Tasmania

SYG Tas is a sport event in which teams of young people from youth groups and churches of all denominations and sporting ability come together for a two day celebration of faith, community, and friendly competition. Youth from across the state are able to play sport in a friendly, fair, and supportive environment, and worship together with youth from other churches. Long-term relationships are forged, and ties between communities are strengthened, and competition is played in the Spirit of the Games. While we celebrate sporting talent in our young people, the greatest celebration is about the demonstration of the Spirit of the Games; fairness, humility, care for others, and the love of Jesus.

While sport is the centrepiece of the event, State Youth Games exists as an effective ministry platform in support of local churches; inviting youth into conversation with their leaders and friends, to share in encouragement from quality speakers, and to encounter the living God who is active in his communities and the lives of his people.

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