God With Us

Looking for a new small group resource for your youth & young adult ministries? Searching for a way to engage with scripture in a new way? Seeking a deeper understanding of the story that shapes our entire world?

The God With Us small group study resource is the perfect addition to your church's library of resources. Adapted from the Illuminate Camp material, the God With Us small group study resource series takes participants on a journey through the Gospel narratives, with a focus on the human characters of the Gospels.

You can download each episode here, completely free, for use in your communities.

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God With Us Episodes

In episode 1 of God With Us we are introduced to two very human characters whose love story forms an overture of Gospel themes that will frame the rest of the narrative. The nativity story is not as simple and plain as we sometimes think.

Everything you need to run this study with your group is downloadable here. You might also like to make use of this video version of the episode introduction.

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This episode is all about power, and what happens to different people who hold it. Use it, abuse it, or set it aside in service of the biggest story ever?

We hope your group enjoys taking part in this study, and we pray that God speaks to you through this story.

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A prophet is never welcomed in his home town. How can our church communities make sure our young people don’t feel like they’re about to be thrown off a cliff when they start asking the hard questions?

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In episode 4 of God With Us we are introduced to a collection of characters who provide a key but often under-stated role in the Gospel narrative.

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In this episode, Jesus really begins to break the mould of what he was expected to be and do. Everyone is welcome at Jesus’ table.

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Jesus is about to meet a paralysed man, and what he does next will shock you, cause you to spit out your drink, and make doctors hate him.

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In this episode, Peter steps up into the identity Jesus has given him… and something he is still growing into. But a moment of courage shows us something present in all disciples of Jesus.

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In an end-of-act-2 twist, Jesus completely changes the narrative path of the Gospel story, setting in motion the events that will lead to his own death. And it all comes from an act of boundless compassion.

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Judas Iscariot is not a character we typically think of as a passionate follower of God, but—despite his very real weakness for material wealth—he was trying to do what he thought was the right thing. But Jesus’ Kingdom vision didn’t fit in Judas’ eyes.

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Is this the end of the Gospel story?

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True heroes never die.

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The big finale of God With Us all comes down to two guys on a beach and the relationship they share. It’s the perfect place to end.

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